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Contract / Private Label Manufacturing

Since 1983, Dynachem has been manufacturing private label products for the institutional, engineering, restaurant, marine, floor care, laundry, food and beverage, and automotive industries. These products include liquids, powders and solids for all dispensed or manual applications, as well as a complete line of ancillary products.
Our liquid packaging capabilities include a variety of sizes and containers, from 100ml bottles up to bulk tank wagons. We can provide portion control packets for powders in a variety of sizes. We can also provide more conventional packages, such as pails and drums.
Our aerosol manufacturing plant is equipped for the packing of all types of aerosols and propellants, from 50ml to 800ml containers , both aluminium and tin coated.
Our proven line of products is designed to meet your customers’ needs and allow you to compete in this competitive market. You can focus on the supply and service aspect of your client’s needs, while we do the rest.

We have full-time chemists onsite to help you with your formulary needs. We are happy to customize our program to your specific needs. You can own and supply the packaging supplies, raw materials and formulas. Or, we can own and supply them, or even a combination of the two.

In addition to formulary assistance, we can help you with label development, and have in-house label printing capabilities, helping to keep the minimum run quantity down.

We understand the challenges faced by the introduction of new private label detergents and private label sanitizers and others in the marketplace, and are willing to reduce minimum manufacturing requirements in order to help you become competitive.
We provide:

  • In-house laboratory for checking quality control.
  • Experienced personnel for personal attention.
  • High manufacturing standards
  • Focus on Customer Service Levels
  • Fast turnaround from order to delivery
  • Strict adherence to specifications and manufacturing instructions. 
  • We have the experience to formulate and produce any product in our segment in any format required, whether it is an Aerosol, cream, gel, powder, foam or liquid.
  • Contacts us to discuss your requirements.

Our manufacturing facility provides exceptional QC and QA throughout the manufacturing process, so you can be confident that the product that we supply with your name on it will be up to the standards that you expect.

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