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UNIDET NF ia a low foaming powdered general-purpose steam cleaning compound. It contains ents, wetting agents, degreasing solvents, rinse additives and corrosion inhibitors.

Application Description

For the cleaning of carpets, upholstery etc., use 100 grams of UNIDET-NF to 20lts of water. For heavily soiled traffic areas, a stronger concentration might be required, e.g. 100 grams UNIDET-NF per 10lts water. For the cleaning of engines, metal parts, structures, tanks, etc., soiled with oil, grease, food residues, etc., use 1kg of UNIDET-NF to 50lts of water. For light duty steam cleaning, a dilution ratio of 100:1 will be sufficient. After steam cleaning, rinse with tap water.

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