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TEXISE L40 enzyme is a ready to use conventional bacterial a-amylase which should be used as a formulating base for desizing fabrics sized with starch, starch derivatives, or blends of starch plus other synthetic sizing materials. The strong amylolytic power of TEXIZE-L40 enzyme allows rapid conversion of the starch size into dextrins, which are easily removed by rinsing following impregnation with enzyme.TEXISE-40 enzyme has long been the industry standard for quality, consistency, and stability. The formulation of TEXISE-40 enzyme was designed to accommodate further addition of a variety of chemical auxiliaries in order to assist our customers in differentiating their product line. DynaChem uses state-of-the-art biotechnology production methods and this product contains enzyme(s) produced by a genetically modified organisms.

Application Description

DOSAGE RECOMMENDATION: The following table is a general guide for determining dosages in various equipment and processing combinations. EQUIPMENT ENZYME DOSE Winches 0.3-1.0g/L Circularoty Vessels And Autoclaves 0.3-1.0g/L Jig 0.3-1.0g/L DOSAGE RECOMMENDATION (Cont.) Rotary Washer 1.0-4.0g/L Pad Roll 1.0-6.0 Pad Batch: Cold 2.0-8.0g/L Pad Batch: Hot 1.5-6.0 g/L Continuous 4.0-10.0g/L Table 2: Enzyme Dosage Guidelines for Various Processes

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