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TEAT WASH is a clear, yellow product with moderate viscosity. Safe and effective wash detergent used primarily as an udder and teat wash with adjusted pH to reduce potential for skin irritation.

Application Description

TEAT WASH is a concentrated product and must be diluted before using: 1. Prepare the TEAT WASH solution in a plastic pail using 1L of TEAT WASH in 10 L warm water. TEAT WASH may also be applied as a spray by using an in-line proportioner to meter the proper amount of TEAT WASH into the spray. 2. Approximately one (1) minute before applying the milking unit, wash and massage the teats with a clean paper towel wet with the udder wash solution. 3. Discard the used towel. Do not reuse towels or dip the used towels back into the TEAT WASH solution.

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