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ENGINE FLUSH is a  displacing solvent that quickly penetrates oil, rust and water deposits. Rinses freely leaving a clean, corrosion free surface. ENGINE FLUSH minimizes fire hazards that are present when more volatile products are used. It is easy and efficient in use compared to manual agitation and scrubbing methods. The cleaner does not corrode metals.

Application Description

ENGINE FLUSH is regularly used to flush out engines restoring efficiency by removing harmful rust deposits and oily residues, while displacing any water in contact with the metal surface. It may be used in most places where dirt, oil, grease and grime accumulate. The cleaner is applied undiluted by either spraying, brushing, soaking, dipping, rubbing or mopping. Spraying is used for cold cleaning interiors of oil storage tanks or where surfaces to be cleaned are irregular. After spraying, the cleaner should be allowed to remain for 10-20 minutes before rinsing.

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