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DYNACIDE D30 is a white free flowing powder with a distinctive chlorine smell.

Application Description

DYNACIDE D30 can be used for sanitising and disinfecting all types of equipment in food and beverage industries; dairies, fruit plants, breweries, meat, fish and chicken processing plants. Directions for use: C.I.P. and Sanitising: DYNACIDE D30 should be used at a concentration of 1 x 15 g sachet per 5 litres of water or 1 x 30 g sachet in 10 litres of water for sanitising utensils, glassware, tanks and pipework. Allow 5 minutes contact time. Rinse with clean water. The pH of DYNACIDE D30 has been optimised and at the recommended level is effective against a wide variety of commonly encountered microorganisms, e.g. Staph. Aureus, E. Coli and Pseudomonas, etc. This concentration will yield min. 250ppm available chlorine Soak Application: Use DYNACIDE D30 as a shelf-life enhancer for fruit and vegetables. Dissolve 1 x 15 g sachet in 5 litres of water or 1 x 30 g sachet in 10 litres of water and soak for a period of 2-3 minutes. Rinse with clean water. Vegetables dipped in DYNACIDE D30 will last longer and remain fresh.

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