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 DYNABRITE L is a yellow low/nonfoaming dishwasher detergent for commercial dishwashing machines. It is a blend of selected phosphates, alkalis, wetting agents, sequestering agents and anti-corrosion additives.

Application Description

DYNABRITE-L is supplied in a concentrated form and is designed for use in commercial and industrial dish washing machines. DYNABRITE-L may be safely used with all types of crockery and utensils, including plastic ware. DYNABRITE-L is not recommended for use by manual dishwashing operations due to its high alkalinity. DYNABRITE-L is inhibited against attack on metals normally used in the construction of commercial washing machines. It also has a high concentration of sequestering agents that ensure freedom from scale and prevents streaking in glassware and crockery. DYNABRITE-L is used at a concentration of 250-500mls per 100lts of water. In machines where automatic feeding devices are installed our technical representative will set the controls to feed the right concentration.

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