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DETOMATIC PLUS is an opaque yellow viscous liquid. It is a premium one-shot liquid laundry detergent formulated for washing linen supply and institutional laundry classifications, ranging from lightly soiled hospital, hotel and motel classifications to heavily soiled table linen and bar mops. Enhanced with water conditioners, anti-redeposition agents and fluorescent whitening agents to provide exceptional whiteness in soft or hard water. Pleasantly fragranced, leaves a fresh clean smell on the washed linen.

Application Description

For Automatic Dosing Systems: The additions will vary between 0.2 ? 0.4% of the weight of the load, and will depend on the degree and type of soiling. For Manual Dosing: For washing medium soiled white classifications: DETOMATIC PLUS is used at a concentration of 250ml/50 kg at 850C for 10 ? 15 minutes.

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